Tales of a Toy Horse

An intimate and poetic cinema verite with animated interludes reveals the philosophy of life of an old monk and artist, who for many years keeps his monastic vow to find something good in every day. Combining spiritual life with social activism since 2014, he takes multiple trips to deliver humanitarian aid to Donbas, where his vow is challenged by the war-torn reality.


  • Name in Original Language: Казка про Коника / Tales of a Toy Horse
  • Director: Ulyana Osovska, Denis Strashny
  • Country: Ukraine, Estonia
  • Year: 2020
  • Length: 72 min
  • Cinematography: Denis Strashnyi
  • Editing: Mirjam Jegorov
  • Production: Docutoloka, Silmviburlane


  • Online Elisa Stage: Fri 5.02 - 18:00 (tickets available till 7.02.2021 23:50)